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     You are born to live healthy! So, why isn't the case? 

     The holistic medicine focuses on the resolution of your health problems, even before you feel the real illnesses. At the heart of this approach is our food! The idea that our diet is the most important factor in our health is not new.“Let your food be your first medicine”, says an old proverb attributed to Hippocrates! 

      We all hold within the potential of health and also the power to activate it!  But we also have the free will and the responsibility for our choicesThe only limite is in us! 

     In my consultations I undertake to guide you, in a precise and personalized way, and to accompany you on this path back to your health. Whether the illnesses your children experience are the most "common" such as recurrent infectionsallergies, eczemagastrointestinal disorders etc or the most “constraining” like autismADHDlearning disabilitiesdepressive mood, they always include a dynamic at work. Understanding this dynamic and the operating body's principles allows us to find the way back to HEALTH! Functional medicine is a basic and valuable support in this understanding. 

     Children/adults are not sick, they have become sick ! A vision that changes the whole view of the disease. After all, disease does not exist on its own. It is the result of loosing health!

     Holistic & Integrative Medicine helps you to understand how your children lost their health and how to get it back! This knowledge will help you immediately and for a lifetime


     My priority: patient's health, education and empowerment

1014, Chaussée de Waterloo
1180, Brussels (Uccle), Belgium 

17 Rue de la Station

1300 Wavre (Limal), Belgium 

T: +32 471 59 39 15 (9am-12pm)

Consultations by appointment only.
  • Newborns

  • Infants

  • Children 

  • Teenagers 

  • Parents/Adults 

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