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 Who am I?

           I am pediatrician, specialized in Functional and Nutritional Medicine; Micronutrition, Diet, Prevention and Health; Clinical Immunology; certified GAPS Therapist/Nutritional Therapy/Neuronutrition; certified Lifestyle Medicine. I am also trained in NLP, Practical and Positive Psychology, Therapeutic Presence, The poly-vagal theory and its clinical applications.  My current projects: Endocrino-Psychology.

          This professional path is a CHOISE; it is a WHOLE and a CONTINUUM which allows me to consider the child/the human being in his complexity and unity (body, soul, spirit, emotions) to be able to propose a holistic and integrative approche.

          Through years of practicing pediatric medicine and through numerous continuing professional training courses, I became an expert in preservation of health and well-being , in prevention of disease but also in healing the already existing diseases

          I am an intuitive, respectful, dynamic, enthusiastic and open-minded person, always looking for the best professional approach, always curious to learn and evolve, for the love of life and human beings.  

  How do I work? 

          In my professional practice I always apply the principles of a Proactive/Preventive, Personalized, Precise and Participatory Medicine. The patient is always the principal actor! He has always the choice! 

          I carry out biological investigations, very thorough when necessary, in order to understand the functioning of the body and to be able to optimize the patient's biological parameters in a precise and personalized way.

          My work of understanding and integrating the clinical signs and symptoms that the patients unfortunately experience is organized around the physiological axis of functioning of the human body: 

          Gut – Immune system axis 

          Gut – Brain and nervous system axis

          Gut – Lungs and respiratory tract and ENT axis

          Gut – Skin axis

          Gut - Endocrine axis

          Gut - Urinary tract axis

          The gut is at the heart of our health! 

 How are my consultations going? 

          **The first 1000 days of life 

  • Breastfeeding consultations. Breast milk – a natural right of all newborns and infants. 

  • Infant nutrition - the first steps in Health Nutrition.

  • Postpartum depression. 


       In the context of these consultations I always consider the unique mother-child pair. The health and well-being of the mother is just as important as the health of the child. The first 1000 days of life provide a unique window of opportunity to build a long-term health. Consequently, it is crucial to ensure optimal nutrition during this period and to correct, as soon as possible, any clinical and biological disturbances (both for the mother and the baby). 

        A particular interest will be brought to the prevention/treatment of postpartum depression: biological investigations for the mother will be recommended to detect and correct certain micro-nutritient deficiencies and guide her to stay healthy.


          **Preventive and Functional Medicine corroborated with Nutritional Therapy/Neuro-Nutrition/GAPS Therapy 

          In the context of these consultations, I always work to understand and modify the causes (the roots) of the diseases that patients unfortunately experience. Whether these illnesses are the most common or the most constraining they always involve a dynamic at work. Understanding this dynamic and the operating body's principles at work allows us to find our way back to HEALTH.

         Children/adults are not sick, they became sick! A vision that changes everything! After all, disease does not exist on its own. It is the result of the loss of health. 

          My consultations are always centered on the preservation of health and well-being, the prevention of illnesses but also the healing of illnesses already installed. 

          Proactive, Preventive, Personalized, Precise and Participatory Medicine. 

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